California Utilities Diversity Council

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Cable, Electricity, Natural Gas, Wireless, Communications & Water

Annual Latino Leaders' Reception Hosted by the Latino Journal in January 2016

Commissioner Carla Peterman (CPUC),  SCE President Ron Litzinger, Commissioner Catherine J.K. Sandoval and Jose L. Perez at the reception.

Joining the Latino Journal were Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Assembly Member Connie Conway (Chair of the Republican Caucus); and Senator Robert Huff.

Recognized for their "Inclusion of Hispanic Executives" were PG&E (Jesus Soto accepting the award) and Sempra Energy Utilities (Dennis Arriola accepting the award).

David Lizarraga and Nancy Smith-Taylor flank Dennis Arriola, president of Southern California Gas

Assembly Member Roger Dickenson (D-Sacramento), Jose L. Perez, Jesus Soto (SVP of PG&E Gas Transmission Operations) and Joe Alderete (SCE) pose for this photo at the reception.

This was one of the best receptions of its 16-year history.

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CUDC Vision and Goals


To be a resource to, and work collaboratively with, the California Public Utilities Commission and the regulated utilities to promote and facilitate California's rich diversity by using population demographic data (2010 Census) as a guide to enhance the quality of the utilities diversity focused on governance, procurement and banking, employment, customer service, marketing and philanthropy. 


1. To provide leadership and be a visible and active organization working with and advising the California Public Utilities Commission and the regulated utilities, and other entities such as Governor's Office, the State Legislature, the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissions, White House, and Congress on diversity issues related to public utilities.

2. To review, assess, and provide feedback on CPUC, utility and legislative proposals to ensure that the impact on diversity is addressed.

3.  To facilitate and promote outreach to the diverse business and consumer communities whose development is important to the economic well-being of California.

4.  To prepare and distribute an annual report highlighting the accomplishments of the California Utilities Diversity Council.

5.  To assist the CPUC with its annual public hearing on diversity (En Banc) and invite business, labor, government and community leaders to educate and inform the CPUC and utilities on utility progress on diversity and provide relevant statistics on procurement, employment, customer service, marketing and philanthropy. 

Gwen Moore Honored for her Vision in Supplier Diversity

Former Assembly Member Gwen Moore was the center of appreciation as hundreds joined to thank her for her legislation 24 years ago that last year made it possible to spend over $7 billion on diverse businesses by California utility companies.

The event held in Pasadena was long over due. 

Thank you so much Gwen!

A collaboration between the
Latino Journal and California Regulated Companies and Community Stakeholder Groups

Contact Information
Attn: Jose L. Perez
1017 L Street PMB 306
Sacramento, CA  95814

State Controller John Chiang joins Ann Shen Smith, the new president and ceo of Southern California Gas Company with Jose L. Perez, chair of the CUDC.

2013 CUDC Leadership

Jose L. Perez, Chair
Scott Drury, SDG&E, Co-Vice Chair
Gwen Moore, Co-Vice Chair
Nancy Zarenda, Co-Vice Chair

Committee Leadership

Joan Kerr, PG&E, Chair
Co-Vice Chairs
Timothy Evans, Comcast
Emma Maxey, Golden State Water

Nancy Smith-Taylor, SDG&E, Chair
Rob Howard, Utility Workers Union of America, Vice Chair

Kenneth A. Macias, Macias Consulting Group / California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Chair

Customer Service and Marketing
Richard Benbow, Time Warner Cable, Chair

Frank J. Quevedo, The Quevedo Group, Chair

2015 CUDC Annual Report to the
California Public Utility Commission

CUDC Issues the 2015 CUDC Annual Report and you can see the highlights by clicking the above.

California Public Utilities Commission Plans Its Annual "En Banc" on General Order 156 for October 9, 2014 at USC

The top regulated company executives doing business in California regularly appear before the Commissioners to share progress and some continuing challenges on their mission towards diversity and inclusion.  The companies include:

San Diego Gas & Electric
Southern California Edison
Southern California Gas

The CPUC 2014 En Banc was held on October 9, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 3:15 PM at the USC Town and Gown, 665 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA.  The theme was "Making A Difference With Supplier Diversity."


Governor Brown Appoints First Hispanic to the 100 year-old California Public Utilities Commission

The first Latina Rhodes Scholar has also become the first Hispanic to serve as commissioner of the powerful California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

If confirmed by the State Senate, Sandoval's term on the CPUC will expire in 2007.

Sandoval, who was born and raised in a humble neighborhood of Los Angeles, received a top education.  She received her law degree from Stanford Law School, a Master of Letters in political science from Oxford, where she was a Rhodes Scholar and a B. A. from Yale.

Prior to coming to the CPUC, she worked as an associate professor at Santa Clara University School of Law and before that she served as undersecretary and senior policy advisor for housing with the Business Transportation and Housing Agency.

She also served as vice president and general counsel for Z-Spanish Media Corporation and was director of the Office of Communications Business Opportunities for the Federal Communications Commission.

While living in Sacramento, Sandoval was also active with the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

During her Senate confirmation hearing Sandoval was given a standing ovation for her outstanding qualifications and excellent preparation for her duty of the CPUC and for being the first Hispanic appointee to the commission. 

Commissioner Catherine J.K. Sandoval